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Plaster Figurine Restoration

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I completed this restoration just in time for Christmas 2012. As I understand it, this figurine was brought back by the owner’s family member when they were stationed in Asia during WWII. The piece was damaged after being packed away for a period of time and going through a few moves. My diagnosis was crushing, rather than dropping (the most common figurine injury), because relatively little of the soft plaster was pulverized and the breaks were clean. The piece also had a metal armature cast into it. This presented the greatest challenge in the project because the armature was bent and holding the broken neck in an awkward position.

I had to carefully decapitate the head in order to remove the damaged portion of metal wire from the neck before re-pinning and adhering the head back to the neck. Then there was significant remodeling that needed to be done to the less severe surface damage. Finally the piece was re primed and painted in a more even deep burnished terra cotta color. I also refinished the uneven bottom of the piece for stability. Hopefully this piece will now sit, safely, in the family’s home for generations to come.