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Historic Home Restoration

2012 April 26
by Sebastian

So, I’m wrapping up a series of restoration jobs for a really incredible home renovation/restoration in Baltimore. The homeowners are really cutting NO corners in recreating their Victorian era home.  All of of the marble was in pretty bad shape, but they had a real interest in refurbishing rather than replacing those pieces that were salvageable. Below are a few Before/progress/after shots of the completed projects that I undertook under the the supervision of general contractors extraordinaire, Tim Horjus and Nicholas Cairns of C & H Restoration & Renovation, LLC. I’d say they have more artisans working on that house than any home in Baltimore has seen in 150 years.


Fireplaces really get a A LOT of wax and soot buildup over the years, particularly their mantles– being a flat surface they catch a lot of scratches, gouges and extra wax from candles. See the finished product here.

Airlock floor and steps cleaning

A really thorough cleaning made all the difference with this air lock. I had some help from the folks at Roc Doc with this one. The stone is a combination of White Carrara and Tennessee Cedar. More on that here.

Vanity refurbishing

This piece was really the “diamond in the rough,” in terms of the original stonework. When I got to it, it had been de-installed and was being shuffled around the site.  With a lot of TLC and hand-honing, I was able to remove most of the obvious staining and return it to respectability. The brass legs were restored and nickel plated by Chris LaVoie.