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Oh, Jesus!

2012 September 12

So–it’s been a little rough for Jesus lately. corpus_restoration_02For whatever reason, this has been the third restoration I have done of him in as many months. Instances one and two were both marble. This (plaster, not stone) corpus was badly damaged in a fall at a nearby church–clearly far more serious than a mere case of Hyper Pietral Pinky Dislocation.

I was charged with putting him back together again. The majority of the damage was, unfortunately, to the face and the lower legs. However there was extensive cracking throughout the entire structure and so it was only being held together by its metal armature. After all of the repairs, rebuilding and patching I had to resurface, prime and repaint the entire sculpture anew. Though I have done a lot of painting, this was a unique challenge. At least I was able to do it at the home-painting-studio while wrapping up my “paternity leave” from the stone studio . . .

Many thanks to master painter Susan Crawford for her most wise counsel and Allen at Budeke’s in Fell’s point for their exquisite paint-chip-mixing-and-matching! Below are a few before/during/after pics of the project.