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2013 January 10
by Sebastian


This second “Birthstone” is based on the beloved former toy of a couple’s small child. The original “Piggy” was literally loved-to-death. The little tike pulled on Piggy’s music string so many times that the once cheerful tune morphed into a kind of “funeral dirge,” according to her father. Since the original Piggy had been replaced with a new Piggy, this allowed me the opportunity to not only make a sculpture based on an object with personal significance, but one that actually incorporated artifacts from that object.

This piece presented a lot of structural and aesthetic challenges. The chance to make a stone sculpture that didn’t just toy with the concept of the base, but which completely removed it, was just too good to pass up. So while the process took far longer than anticipated, it is always pretty cool to do something experimental. Any time spent developing new methods and techniques is always well worth it.