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The First Soft Step

2013 May 28
by Sebastian

I have been working for some time now with the kind of stone that I have become familiar with and fond of since moving to Baltimore years ago: its white marble stairs.

However, recently I have begun making pieces whose underlying concept speaks specifically to the plight of these iconic marble steps and generally to the loss of the beautiful historical architecture of this city and a part of its cultural identity along with it. You can read much more about these steps and my work with them in Susan Reimer’s article for the Baltimore Sun.

To put it simply, I want to at least attempt to take these neglected, forgotten and often broken pieces of stone and make them into something beautiful again. I want them to look and feel as comfortable as I am when I sit out on my own stoop with my family and neighbors and watch our neighborhood breathe.

This work started with the single piece New Construction and has since morphed into what is becoming a series of pieces I’m calling Soft Steps. In the interest of making these as metaphors for the comforts of home, this first Soft Step is based on the over stuffed cushions of our own family room couch–in which I sit right now as I type . . .