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Another Soft Step

2013 August 29


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Soft Step: Lil Rocker          2013          marble          8 x 13 x 30 in.

I have finally gotten the pictures together here of my second “Soft Step.”

This one, Lil’ Rocker, is based on the awesome little rocking chair in our son’s nursery. We have both spent a lot of hours in that chair feeding our little guy . . . and I noticed that, since we are both right handed, we inevitably sit on the right side of the chair, with him on the left, holding the bottle with our right hand. This has caused the cushion to take on this odd wave-like shape (though I am trying to make a point to remember to rotate it regularly).

The chair is basically dark grey, but since we knew better than to get a baby chair with out a pattern, we chose one with a kind of paisley pattern. Patterns hide stains. I felt that this pattern was really an essential part of Lil’ Rocker’s character, so trying to incorporate it subtly, as not to allow the pattern to overpower the form, presented a real challenge. But I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and it opens up some interesting possibilities for future works.