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Forbes & fabricators

2015 October 8
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So I have been very fortunate with press over the years. I honestly never thought that my name would end up in any publications…

But least of all FORBES– linked to this website..!
Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 9.49.47 AM


…and a few other big names have been getting in on the art and fabrication action. Thanks, Alan & Martha!


Martha Stewart checking out the wares


Alan Cumming getting into some stone carving


The Balvenie 2015 Rare Craft Collection

2015 September 25
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In other news… I’m pretty pumped to have been invited to be part of the The #Balvenie Rare Craft Collection. Over the next 3 months, along with 4 other incredible artisans selected by Anthony Bourdain, we will be headed to NYC, Houston & Chicago to show some of our work and demonstrate how we do it. So if you like nice things and maybe want to swing a hammer and chisel yourself (and you’re over 21) maybe come check out the show. First stop– NYC!


Here’s lowdown from their website:

The Balvenie 2015 Rare Craft Collection

Hand-selected by Anthony Bourdain, The Balvenie 2015 Rare Craft Collection brings five remarkable craftspeople together to showcase their creative process, personal stories and finished crafts like never before.
For the first time, we’re inviting you inside their workshops to meet the makers at the forefront of America’s craft movement and take an exclusive look at Anthony Bourdain’s take on craft as curator of The Balvenie 2015 Rare Craft Collection.
Throughout the collection tour, Anthony Bourdain will be making surprise appearances. While you might not meet him personally, all guests who attend The Collection will see him discuss his selection process, enjoy guided tastings from The Balvenie Distillery, sample rare single barrel whiskies straight from the cask, and receive a special memento of the event.
New York City          Oct. 5–8
Houston                   Nov. 3–5
Chicago                    Dec. 1–3
A Word From Anthony Bourdain 
I’ve said it before, cream rises. Excellence does have its rewards. And I believe the pieces and people I’ve chosen for the Collection are right at the top with the finest craftspeople in America today.
It’s easy to see the pride and love these craftspeople put into their work. Easy to see the years of practice they’ve put in. Easy to see the respect they have for their chosen medium. Practicing a craft in expert fashion is noble, honorable, and satisfying. And I, for one, am glad they’ve chosen to follow their passion to a point where the work they create is worth talking about.
I hope you can join The Balvenie and me on the road this year during the Rare Craft Collection tour. And raise a dram for giving a damn about what we create.
Anthony Bourdain
Curator, The Balvenie 2015 Rare Craft Collection

BmoreArt Interview & Photo Essay

2015 June 18
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photo: Justin Tsucalas

If you are at all interested in my thoughts regarding: dismissive art critics, contemporary sculptors & Upper-Paleolithic painters… then click on over to BmoreArt to see my interview with founding editor,the indespensible, Cara Ober.

Come for my highly-subjective-opinions… stay for the outrageous photos by Justin Tsucalas! You can check out his documentation of the shop and studio at the now-re-located Hilgartner Natural Stone Company in the gallery below.  See more of Justin’s photography at  and

Walters Art Museum Documentary Film

2015 June 1
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Rough Stone to Living Marble

The video documentary, produced by curator Jenny Carson, that is currently on view in the Walters Art Museum show, Rinehart’s Studio: Rough Stone to Living Marble, can be seen here by clicking this link or the image above. The short film about the process of creating stone sculptures and the relationship between the “sculptor” and the “carver” focuses on Rineharts works, a stone sculpture fabrication shop in Italy, and my own studio here in Baltimore at Hilgartner Natural Stone. If you’ve got 5 mins– check it out! Better yet–go see the show!

Rough Stone to Living Marble

Written by: Jenny Carson

Cinematography: Tarek Turkey

Editing: LauraBaker

Narrator: Dillin Olshonsky



2015 May 26
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Move_FLAT…and I’m taking all of my toys with me!


It’s true. After almost 40 years at their current location, Hilgartner Natural Stone Company, Inc is moving… again.

Hilgartner’s Baltimore City shop (which has been home to my studio since I earned my MFA from MICA’s Rinehart School of Sculpture in 2008) has moved a number of times since their founding in 1863, always due to the expansion of the railroad system. Stone shops prior to the modern era needing to be adjacent to the railways that provided their material and delivered their work. This current move is a bit more about development, property values and a new neighbor (who will remain namesless) that showed up rolling deep in card tables and slot machines . . .

I and all of my considerable baggage will be going with them to our new location, still in beautiful Charm City, at:

2220 Severn St, Baltimore, MD 21230

That’s between Westport and Carroll Park in South Baltimore, for those of you familiar with the City– the Washington Blvd Exit (#51) off 95, for those of you that aren’t.

While I will miss the frenetic energy of Cross Street in Federal Hill– with it’s Ravens & Orioles fans flooding the area on game day, and it’s charming-drunken-post-collegiate-frat-boy atmosphere that begins on Friday and lingers through Monday morning . . . I and the rest of the Hilgartner team are looking forward to the vastly improved shop, offices, showroom, gallery, and STUDIO that our new home will provide!

Many thanks to those who recently have seen fit to help document my soon-to-be-former studio space through their writers, photographers & videographers: Jenny Carson and the Walters Art Museum, The Smithsonian American Art MuseumThe Baltimore SunHOME & DESIGN Magazine, The Baltimore Business Journal, and BmoreArt.

The original part of the “new” shop was a WWII era foundry, so a far bit of renovation has been undertaken and still continues–but don’t worry–we are ready to roll and will be fully operational in no time.

So please excuse the current hiccup in our work schedule. We will all be back to rocking out and making heaps of dust in no time!

BmoreArt’s Cara Ober on the Walter’s Art Museum show

2015 May 20
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by Sebastian

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 10.33.34 PM

May 18, 2015
Living Marble: A Contemporary- Historical Collaboration at the Walters, BmoreArt
The Walters Art Museum is widely known as a house of rare objects of antiquity, but not a place for contemporary art . . .read more.

Caving Out a Legacy, The Sun Paper

2015 April 12
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by Sebastian

It’s my great surprise and honor to be sharing ink in Sunday The Baltimore Sun News Paper this morning with, not only #Rinehart & Oprah Winfrey, but fellow Baltimore-boy,  Mike Rowe !!! #rad
You can check out the article, Carving Out a Legacy, about the Walters Art Museum show online too:



Feature in HOME & DESIGN

2015 March 25
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by Sebastian
Carved in Stone by Tina Coplan

Carved in Stone
by Tina Coplan

An article about my work, by Tina Coplan, published in the March/April 2015 issue of HOME & DESIGN magazine.




Glove: Engineer

2015 February 15
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Glove: Engineer, Carrara, 5 x 7.5 x 11 in, Private Collection

Glove: Engineer, Carrara, 5 x 7.5 x 11 in, Private Collection



Finally some killer photos by Geoff Graham of the second glove in the series focusing on some of the hand-wear I’ve accumulated. This  railroad “engineer” style glove reminds me of the type of gloves my grandfather wore. His family immigrated to the States and worked on the railroads in Upstate NY.

The leather around the fingertips and palm is thick and coarse, while the upper cuff and back of the hand is thinner cotton, to allow for cooling in a hot environment.

Initially I thoughthat I would focus on the actual colored striped patter on the cotton, however I decided that (as ever) texture trumps color–and so I decided to try to illustrate the fine herring bone texture of the material. It was pretty painstaking, but I’m glad I went for it. It was certainly easier work than shoveling coal…

RADICAL INTENT, Gallery 151, NYC, Feb 2015

2015 January 21
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by Sebastian



RadicalIntentDownload radicalintent_flier.