Carved in Stone
Sebastian Martorana employs age-old techniques to create sculptures that reflect modern life

By Tina Coplan

Home and Design

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Steady tapping breaks the lunchtime stillness at Hilgartner Natural Stone Company.

Sebastian Martorana, a 33-year-old stone carver, chips away at a marble block using a miniature hammer and chisel he made for the job. His studio occupies a corner of this 150-year-old shop of installers, restorers, and carvers located in a fast-disappearing industrial section of Baltimore’s Federal Hill.

White flecks fly. Like fallen snow, they merge with the layer of stone dust covering nearly every surface. Minus industrial equipment, this traditional workshop might have been transported from ancient Greece or Rome. Instead of some allegorical figure, however, Martorana applies his considerable skills to depicting an everyday object—his own work glove. It’s the second in a series… read the full story here.